554 CITY OF LAKES 554 Wedding Concept Film (Udaipur, India)


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What happens to a dream when it becomes reality? Does it still exist somewhere, in some ethereal place, waiting to come to fruition again? Could a fictional narrative capture the true meaning behind a real, live event with more drama and emotion than a traditional documentary? These were some of the questions that arose when we took on the “City of Lakes” project, an unprecedented attempt to combine a fully scripted narrative with Melissa & Samir's real, live wedding. The live wedding and production would be shot simultaneously on-location in Udaipur, India over nine days. Upon completion, #&34;City of Lakes#&34; would become the first wedding concept film ever to be produced on this scale.

“City of Lakes” is as much a story about what it means to return to one's homeland as it is an exploration of Vedic tradition and the rituals of a Hindu marriage. Melissa & Samir had always dreamed of being married in India. We hope this film helps them cherish that dream in ways beyond traditional videography. We're thankful for the acting talents and professionalism of Anubhab Saha, Sharon Chawda and Rushad Rana, and the amazing support of sponsors Canon USA, Tiffen-Steadicam, and Cinevate. There is a final question we hope you’ll find difficult to answer as you watch this film: #&34;what is real?#&34;

Pacific Pictures presents “CITY OF LAKES”
Starring Rushad Rana, Anubhab Saha, and Sharon Chawda
Written & Directed by Kevin Shahinian
Produced by Kevin Shahinian & Patrick Moreau
Line Producer Pravin Thakur
Director of Photography Patrick Moreau
2nd Unit Director Joe Simon
2nd Unit Steadicam Casey Warren
Film Editor Kevin Shahinian
Sound Recordist Amish Solanki
Jib Operator Chris Geiger
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